A knowledge of our faith history helps us to better appreciate a few considerations:

1. How precious is our deposit of Faith that we possess, how it has withstood so many attempts to distort, subvert, dilute, compromise.

2. That these *continuing insidious attempts*, past, present and future were/are not all initiated by malevolent persons but by well-meaning, well-intentioned and, to all intents and purposes, spiritually devout and learned persons but who the Church through the gatherings of the apostolic successors the bishops condemned in the General Councils, after having sole and primary recourse to the Holy Scriptures.

3. It is a powerful testimony of the working of the Holy Spirit in the Church protecting and guiding its Christ-entrusted mission through the ages using the imperfect instruments that are us.

Let us therefore daily:

--->thank the Holy Spirit for His continued guidance and protection of us, the Universal Church including our apostolic successor-leaders in upholding the Holy Scriptures and Tradition, the twin pillars of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,

--->pray to Him for the grace to hold on to this embattled Faith of ours kept intact through strife and dissension and the continued spilling of the blood of martyrs for faith.

--->ask our Blessed Mother Mary to continue to intercede for us.