Light and Darkness
The Danger of Walking in the Grey
Clear cut lines
It is not easy to be a Christian. To be in this world but not of it is our calling. Implicit in that is our awareness that there is indeed a spiritual world with the absolutely clear demarcation line between good and evil, as stated in the Bible where one can find the guide if one looks hard enough...or if one is given the guides by helpful fellow pilgrims in this journey of life.  

Maintaining the clearcut lines helps the One who seeks to maintain purity. He presents clearly, unambiguously, the way to live, and fortifies us with His example of unequivocal rejection of the snares of the Evil One, as symbolised in the desert temptations.      

Such clear division, however, works against the Evil One's goal of subversion, who seeks to blur the dividing line, bringing forth the grey area (see Pilgrim's Note) using the masterly reassuring line to the wavering that one can still get to heaven by walking in the grey areas.

It's significant to note that the Evil One does not ever state his goal of pulling as many as possible into the dark, which would be as clear a statement as the Sep 11 tragedies in 2001, and would serve instead to preserve the fence between light and dark and would thus be counterproductive to his plan of misery. But rather, more often than not, his workings are to broaden the grey areas, where he can appear to keep alive to the wavering, the promise of the light while coaxing them into the grey where there is still light, giving credence to his claim that the light is still attainable.

Which is why it is logical to conclude that behind any blurring of the black and white, darkness and light divide, is the hidden face of the Evil One, the Enemy, the inimical, implacable Accuser of Man. Ultimately this comes down to the fundamental and explicit understanding and acceptance of the spiritual world and its workings behind the veil that is our day-to-day living on this plane of existence.

Seeking power to walk in the Light
Through increasing prayer (ie conversing with God Who may appear silent mostly because He is the whispering wind rather than the thunder prevailing in our life), we hope to discern the utterly countless instances in our life EACH day when we encounter the grey...and keep from falling, through the grace He has made available in the sacraments; 
1. the power made available in Baptism and Confirmation, power we often forget that we have and fail to exercise with courage,
2. the power of the Eucharist which one has the opportunity to partake of in the Mass.

Our vain attempts to match wits with the Evil One
Our problem is that it is apparently more enticing and fashionable, even politically correct often times, to walk in the grey where there still is light, and where the Evil One's wiles of illusion tries to mask the decreasing light from those who do not want to see...

We ALWAYS tend to discount the fact that the Evil One is Lucifer, the morning light turned to dark, who is master of the insidious, and who is able in that final twist of wits to frequently convince us that we can walk in the grey for as long as we want, making us believe that we can still outwit him in the end. In this, we humans fail to realise that we are spiritual children in the eternal arena, mistakenly believing in our arrogance and pride that we are spiritual adults holding the upper hand!

God allows the natural course of things in this plane (miracles being His exceptional interventions). When unnatural acts apparently of evil occur, it's because one has walked too long in the grey. It has probably reached the point of deception that the Evil One is able to wrench one completely into his eternal sphere of darkness. In such events, I believe God will take to Himself many whose alloted time on this plane is completed, but I'm sure many too would be wrested to the dark because walking in the grey became the norm to them and in the end they were in the dark without realising it.

I believe the Sep 11, 2001 attacks, tragedies of wars and strife that have and continue to happen all over the world are chilling such instances.

It's our choice
We have a choice...and this has not changed from time immemorial. God is waiting to welcome us into His glory. Lucifer would do his best to thwart God's Plan, and his best is and will always be immeasurably superior to our lone and vain human efforts of dicing with him, efforts that seek not the ever ready aid of our crucified Christ Who has conquered all death born of evil for us. 

Today, many of us continue to pander to the many lies of the Evil One, thinking we are in control of the eternal fight for our soul. We shut God out and let Him help us in only those areas that we believe are of major consequence failing to realise our walk in the grey begins the moment we shut God out from even the smallest facet of our lives. This is a consequence of our pride, the pride that caused Lucifer to lose Heaven, and which he now uses in his indefatigable attempts to rob us of our Heavenly inheritance.

ONLY the salvific grace won for us by the Son of God can strengthen and save us to overcome Lucifer's frightening power of lies around us.

We therefore need to pray TODAY and NOW for that grace and courage to walk with Christ in His Light.