Imitating Christ
Why His Sacrifice Was Effective
Bits and Bytes
During the American War of Independence, George Washington's armies defeated the British forces and America gained its right to self-determination. It appears that is what is taught in most schools in America, more than 200 years after independence. What is perhaps forgotten and not considered important enough to mention as equally if not more significant to the independence efforts were the actions by the diplomats led by Benjamin Franklin (one of the fathers of the American constitution) who courted public and political support in Europe. Without their unsung successes, particularly in securing massive French support, Washington's armies would have been defeated and the world's current superpower would not be.

The iceberg floats with just its tip showing. Yet its most significant and ominous bulk of some 90%
that can determine the fate of many a ship is hidden below sea level.

The reclusive Carthusians, of whom very few of us know about, are only heard at Mass and chanting the Office in near darkness (and on their outdoor activities/recreational walks) and are silent while at meals and working in the fields, spending the rest of the time alone in their cell praying for themselves and the world (more on them). Indeed more things are wrought by prayer than this world would ever know.

Most official saints come from the religious orders which keep extensive records of their lives --- these facilitate the canonisation process. God allows such recognition of official saints to encourage and edify the rest of us to continue the Christian struggle to be faithful. But it is believed that for every official saint, countless others go unrecognised on earth for various reasons known only to God.

Thus it appears that things are most effective when or where they are unknown, not acclaimed or not visible, when the good is accomplished without fanfare, and if it be known at all, it would be to encourage the rest of us.

...and the Father Who sees all things done in secret...
We know for a fact that the best part of our lives ie when we are other-centred as Christ was on the Cross, is accomplished in isolation with God being the witness and done painfully for His greater glory. Christ's sacrifice was for the salvation of humanity, past, present and future. For His sacrifice to reap its full benefit, it could not be understood or appreciated by anyone but His Father in heaven. And thus it was that His victory over evil was eternally complete. Our sacrifices, if they are to bear similar fruit, must be likewise. We must resist therefore the temptation to proclaim to the world around us in however small a manner the good we do. This good is offered to God. Thus He alone has the right to proclaim it or not. 

There is so much in this world that is being born of evil. Where there should be good and evil only, much in this world today is being blurred by the grey areas, a first step to becoming ultimately evil. Look around us. The very foundation of life itself is under attack and its pace has steadily been growing. Enormous sacrifice is thus needed on our part for the reparation of our sins and of the world's. For these sacrifices to be effective, however, we need to ensure they are made unadulterated to God alone for its full effect to be felt.

So let us ask God today for the grace to offer Him without fanfare the best part of ourselves as a sacrifice for us and the world. And if the good we do be known at all, it would be because He, and He alone has willed it for the edification of our family in Christ.